Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gutter Cleaning with a Repair Hummelstown

In addition to needing a cleaning, this Hummelstown home needed an adjustment on the end of the gutter where it met with the house.  As you can see in the picture the whitewash on the brick has worn off quite a bit from water running down the face of the brick.

We set up the ladder at the end, to check into the issue further.

What we found was a gap on the left side of the gutter where rainwater could run down the roof and miss the gutter.

We solved the issue with the simple yet effective placement of flashing.
Not pictured, because it would only be repetitive was the same issue on another section of the house.  We have solved the root cause of the improper runoff.  It is now up the homeowner if the would like to touch up the whitewash.

Thank you for reading.  Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning served the Central PA area with gutter cleaning and gutter repair services.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cleaning Clogged Gutters in Lancaster, PA

We had a late start today.  The morning was spent developing a video which will hopefully make for a fun way to share the word about our company.
First job of the day in beautiful Lititz, PA.initial cleaning notes-1 clogged downspout, cherry tree, recommend 1 time per year in the fall

From Lititz to Mt Joy, a routine cleanout for a long time customer.

  • scoop
  • brush
  • flush
  • check for loose sections
  • take after pics
  • talk to customer about out findings
  • check in with the office
  • go on to the next requested cleaning

 York Gutter Cleaning finish out the day at another routine customer's home in York-end of job notes: 
 lots of trees, removed covers at initial cleanout, so job will be less complicated for future visits.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The trouble with standing water......What's swimming in the gutter?

We've talked before about standing water being a breeding ground for insects.  Well, if I've said something once, I've said it a hundred times- that's what we say to the kids, right?

Let's talk about standing water in the rain gutters on your home again as, well gutter cleaning is what we do.
What's in the gutter? video

When gutters get clogged, they get backed up with rainwater and overflow.  However, when the overflow has stopped, several inches of water can sit there stagnant for....well, until you call out the gutter cleaners or until the next rain stirs up the mix again.

Another cause for water accumulation in the gutter is improper pitch.  The pitch could be off, because it was A- never installed properly in the first place -or- B- things have settled.  Either way, it is a simple fix.  After we clear out the debris, we look for issues with the pitch of gutter.  Remember, you want gravity to help it flow to the downspout.  Then you want the water to be directed roughly 10 feet from your home's foundation.

So what's swimming in the gutter and how did it get there? The explanation is probably pretty simple. I remember when we had a pond in the back yard  growing up and there were all these different kinds of fish popping up that we did not put in it. We thought that birds might have carried the eggs from one body of water to another- makes sense to me.  Just a guess though.  Is it insects?  Well they can crawl or fly and lay their eggs.  Rob thought it would be funny (not sure how it would go over- that's why I'll give him credit for it) to say virus or odd mutation.  Whatever it is, I say that unless you want your gutters on your home to turn into a science project, keep them clean and free flowing. Standing water is a breeding ground for all kinds of weirdness!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall is almost upon us- Arrange your gutter cleaning...

The air  is getting a little crisper- official Fall just over a week away.  Fall is apple cider and wagon rides.....and for Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning, it's the calm before the storm.  As we wait for the proverbial "last leaf to fall" to clean out the gutters of Central PA before the winter freeze, we're not simply twiddling our thumbs.

If you're a past customer, you know by now that our Fall cleaning recommendation is mid November through December.  You also may already be scheduled by now, because you know it's a fight for spots on the calendar if we don't hear from you until November 10th!

So, what is Mr. Green doing now before the big Fall rush?  Well, aside from trying to enjoy the calm before the storm- watching our kids in football/cheer; we are tuning up the trucks & equipment, training up needed employees, taking care of emergency cleanings, mapping out the late Fall contracts, and running a little bit of promo.
Click the link below to check out our funny, yet true 30 second video & share it wherever you like- Facebook, twitter, email, Google+, or anywhere else you can think. 

The Honey, Please don't list

Thanks so much for watching & sharing!
See you soon.

-Rob and Kate
Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clogged Gutters Lancaster

Clogged gutters can be an issue when they are overflowing during a rain.  This Lancaster customer had just had their flower beds mulched and was experiencing runoff with the very next rain- not something they wanted to see.

Time for Mr. Green to set up and get to work.

they hold another issue on warm sunny days.  When gutters are backed up, they hold standing water-a breeding ground for insects among other issues.

After the Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning, scoop, brush, and flush; these gutters will flow properly.
Gutter cleaning is a seasonal need.  Call us today if you think you have debris plugging up the spouting.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Middletown Gutters

We get the call to check and see what is wrong with the gutters as they are spilling over with every rain.
As we usually do, set up the ladder and get a closer look.  This tree hanging directly over the gutter is problematic.
Before we can even get to the cleaning of the gutters, we trim back some of the overhanging branches.
Clearly, the gutters at this Middletown home are filled.  Time to get to work with the scoop, brush, and flush- a tedious but necessary task.  We do this day in and day out.  Ensuring your gutters are flowing properly means a job complete.

Of course, there was much more to the home than this corner, but for the sake of a clear- before, during, and after shot.